Community Hardship Development Program

Our Community Hardship Development Program is designed to provide a development pathway for our members in playing, coaching, refereeing and statistics.

Program participants will undertake courses in the above subjects and hone their skills during the club season. Playing fees for the successful applicants will be covered by the club and its partner organisations, and all courses will be provided free of charge.

Once the current season is over, the hope is that the participants that completed the program will return the next season and become paid for their work with the club.

Application Criteria for Season 2 2020

To be eligible for our Community Hardship Development Program your family and child must meet the criteria below

  • Family is eligible for a healthcare card and/or;
  • Eligible for FairPlay voucher ; and
  • Child aged between 10-17 years old

If you would like to apply for the program click the link below and fill out the required form.

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